Portrait of Timothy B. Jones


Biography of Timothy B. Jones

Timothy B. Jones, Ed.D. is the Principal Consultant. In addition to innovative and entertaining keynote speeches on a variety of relevant topics in education, Dr. Jones is the primary consultant in building brain-mind classrooms, human resource cost containment, and organizational culture. He has provided innovative staff development or keynote addresses to dozens of clients in 15 states in addition to authoring more than 40 publications and making more than 100 professional presentations.

Dr. Jones is an Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University. He has more than 25 years of education experience as a teacher, administrator and professor. Although his administrative practice was in the area of finance and human resources, his doctoral study led him to the work of John Dewey and Renate and Geoffrey Caine which influenced the school-within-a-school he cofounded in 1995 that was grounded in brain-mind learning and constructivist pedagogy. He later cofounded The Principal and Superintendent Institute which worked with school leaders in transforming traditional classrooms to brain-mind classrooms. His inspiration reflects his commitment to improve learning one classroom at a time.

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